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Frustrated with the quality and focus of content that was being made for teen and twenty-something audiences, Blonde Mamba was formed by a group of Gen Z creatives and digital influencers to develop and produce projects for mainstream networks and platforms, emerging digital content services, and brand partners.

Between LA, London and Toronto, our team has developed content for platforms such as Snapchat Discover and Facebook Watch, as well as delivering internationally award winning short films. 

Along with our slate, we have our Collective - our writers room before the ‘actual’ writers room and The Agency - the bridge between brands and impact marketing within film and television.

Blonde Mamba connects, develops and delivers content to key global platforms and provide a powerful conduit for young creators to distribute their content to international platforms and networks: A two way pipeline for creative talent and fresh ideas.




When Mackenzie was 15 she worked her way up from PA to AD on History Channel’s ‘Sons of Liberty’ filmed in Bucharest, Romania while also helping train horses for the shoot. Her short film LOVE COINKY DINK that she directed/produced/wrote and DP’d went on winning an Award of Recognition at Best Shorts Competition, nominated for Best Director at New York Premiere Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival 2017, best student film nominee at Hollywood Verge Film awards, Best Screenplay/Director/Film nomination at American Student Film Festival and preselected for Toronto International Independent Film Festival.

Her screenplay Blonde Malfunction won Best TV Original Pilot at Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest and Best First-Time Writer + Short Screenplay at London Film Awards.




Originally from London England, Amelia started off by producing Stephen King’s ‘All You Love Will Be Carried Away.’ The film won awards at the Prince of Prestige Academy Awards, Leeds International Film Festival and Rhode Island Film Fest. It then went on to be BAFTA shortlisted and then to the 2017 Cannes Film Festival.

She then focused in on the digital space by producing 3 horror shorts for Eli Roth + Facebook Watch’s ‘Crypt TV,’ 7 Snapchat Discover shows with Vertical Networks and Facebook Watch’s ‘I Have a Secret’ - which was nominated for Best Non-Fiction Series at the 2018 Streamy Awards.


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‘The Art of Love’ - Our First Feature Film!

We’ve signed on as writers and producers of Betsy Franco and Peter Gold’s ‘The Art of Love.’ Filming in September 2019…

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Seatbelt - Our April Writers Room in Co-Production with House of Greenland!

With a current co-production, "Seatbelt," revolving around the journey of a parapelgic, we knew who needed to tell this story: parapalegic writers. So we gathered together a fantastic group, and after several hours, cracked the first season and main characters of the series.

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TOMBOYX vignette and interview

Check out our collaboration with TomboyX!