Filmmaking is the miracle of collaboration
— James McAvoy

.... that's why we've created the Mamba Collective... we want to engage + collaborate with writers and comedians around the world.

At Blonde Mamba, we believe that every writer should have an equal chance to succeed, even if you haven’t graduated school yet... That’s why we’re building an explosive platform for Gen Z creatives to collaborate, cultivate and express.  A writers room before the writers room, the Collective will work on slated ‘Blonde Mamba’ projects as well as develop new ideas together.

The Mamba Collective bridges the gap between emerging talent and the workforce. The Collective gives 8 new writers the space to gain writer’s room experience and develop their own ideas. The monthly meetings work to develop writer’s original content and crack Blonde Mamba’s current IP and co-productions (with companies like Anonymous Content, Refinery29, MGM and eOne). At the end of the Collective’s term all the members will have the opportunity to pitch their shows.

Think the Wing meets Black List, you’ll:

  • Collective meets once a month for a year (June 2019 - May 2020) in Hollywood.

  • Special guests who currently work in the industry will come in and speak to the collective (writers, directors, producers and etc.)

Application Requirements:

  • Submission period April 20, 2019 - May 20, 2019

  • Writer’s are selected & notified end of May

  • Must be in college or have graduated recently. College credit available upon request.

  • Writer’s can’t be staffed on or sold a show as of May 20, 2019

  • Script Requirements:

    • Original TV Pilot (any genre) 20 - 60 pgs

      • Web Series are accepted, but you must submit the pilot and the second episode (at least 20 pages total)

    • 12 pt. courier font formatted in Final Draft (or similar program)

    • Based on true stories or novels will not be considered - must be 100% original content.

    • Scripts that have been previously sold or have made a total $15,000 or more in screenwriting competitions will not be accepted.

  • Must fill out the supplement application below and email your script to with the subject line “Collective Application - Your Name”

If you're with us, fill in the form below!

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If applicable please also include classes/writer's programs you've taken outside of your college as well. (i.e. UCB Sketch Writing, Second City: Level 1, Nickelodeon Writing Program, etc.)
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Pick one TV Show you wish you created, one you want to collaborate on and one you want to cancel. (The TV shows don't have to be be in production anymore)
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