At Blonde Mamba, we believe that the best stories come from the heart. That’s why we’ve launched our Mamba Collective - a passionate mosaic of authentic and fresh voices.

Essentially ‘method writing.’ We’ll be inviting individuals with stories to tell and memories to share relevant to the script or story we’ve been given, therefore lending legitimacy to the expanding plot and characters.

— Mackenzie & Amelia



  1. To give a microphone to the previously silenced or unsure.

  2. To never sacrifice genuineness for generic perspectives.

  3. To produce raw & challenging content that grips hearts, prompts questions & shines light on the formerly overlooked


  • First we consult you on what elements are missing from your story: maybe it’s a character arc or storyline that isn’t quite coming together.

  • We then discuss how we’re going to tackle it in our ‘writer’s room’ - if it’s the case of bringing in authentic voices who are similar to the characters, we use our database of writers to find 5 of the best matches.

  • We then send you a one-sheet outlining who’s coming into the room, their similarities to the storyline or characters and the questions we’re wanting to ask.

  • We then spend 5-10 hours in the room gathering stories, anecdotes, facts and ideas from our team. We’ll leave the room with character and story arcs, which we’ll then send to you in a deliverable of a series overview.


House of Greenland’ approached us with a story called "Seatbelt," revolving around the journey of a newly paraplegic woman. So we gathered together a fantastic group of paraplegic people and a husband to tell their stories and ideas for our characters. After several hours, we cracked the pilot, first season and character arcs of the series. The project is being pitched out to various networks.